Dinner Date.

“We’d decided recently to put an end to eating out for this and that reasons, maybe I’ll explore that idea a bit later.” When was it? 23 October perhaps, roughly two weeks ago. B and I had stepped out for a bite to eat. For a bit of background this is something that we are […]

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Strong Medicine.

How are things otherwise? What’s there to see if the bright spotlight of observation is turned completely around, what’s there to see if it shines on me? Where do things sit psychedelics wise, how are things going between B and me? Strangely enough the last time I tried to achieve anything going under the influence […]

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Life After Death.

Too much going on. Cant keep up. Sad thing is there seems to be so much worth it to write. So about a month ago my sister (T****) and her boyfriend (D****) moved in. It’s a temporary thing until they do, if they do, find their bearings down here. They come from Jhb. If it […]

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