Idle Breeze.

Card for the day, Page of Pentacles, some of the description for this card; “This card could also indicate a time to pay attention to your body, the earth and nature. There could be a message in the physical world for you.” The family decided to have a get together at the house. It seemed […]

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Two of Swords.

One thing is for sure and that is the environment is behaving very dramatically. If it’s possible to gauge the internal state someone is experiencing from what is going on outside of them then our internal state judging from what is going on around us must be pretty turbulent. Things are going for a ball […]

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The World.

A dream; we are looking at a house with the most beautiful garden, lots of trees, very green. My mom points through a clearing and asks about a place next door that she can see through there. I take a look and get the impression from the buildings and the clothes that the people are […]

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The Fool.

What was this meant to be, how was this meant to go? There was a story somewhere in there, something with structure and something worth telling. Now, not so much anymore. Tonight was a mess of words that involved complaining. Something to do with how things never work out the way I was hoping, asking […]

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