Happily Ever After.

Dreams like that make me wonder. I got to thinking maybe it wasn’t B that I was trying to find. I wonder if I was in some sort of Bardo, a Bardo of spirits, and the effort to keep us separate involved keeping the spirits of those that are still alive, away from the spirits […]

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Do I Want To Know?

On Sunday G@ let us know mom had slipped into some sort of semi-coma. That night, Monday morning around 2am, she passed away. I’d been working in the garden and decided not to spend any time with her, so the last time I saw her was a few days ago. Even then things didn’t seem […]

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Brief Encounters.

About how stuff works that doesn’t involve the physical. And the more entheogenic ideas. And about not being able to claim any victories. The part I left out involves how stupid I feel about that. About how having said anything at all about that I feel like a complete idiot. And maybe if anyone is […]

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Evil Even.

Pen has almost run out of ink. Faithful Pen. Trusted Friend. Can I claim a victory? Yes? No? Maybe? Almost? For the longest while I was leaning towards no. Still am. Well. It’s 03h20 and this is the thing about dreams. Part of what makes it tricky to do that work, the part that involves […]

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Absolutely Nothing.

So by now the path has completely disappeared. It’s amazing how confident of itself it had been. An infinite pattern etched permanently into an uninhabited landscape. Maybe it was for a while back there. But over time and distance it gradually became overgrown. It merged into the surrounding scrub, until eventually it was all but […]

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Strong Medicine.

How are things otherwise? What’s there to see if the bright spotlight of observation is turned completely around, what’s there to see if it shines on me? Where do things sit psychedelics wise, how are things going between B and me? Strangely enough the last time I tried to achieve anything going under the influence […]

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Full Circle.

There is another part to this. A couple actually. Hasn’t there already been a thing about involving a middleman when it comes to finding what we are seeking? Haven’t we already done that a couple of times as a species? Hasn’t that turned out a little sour, something that doesn’t really work all that well? […]

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