Plant People.

Mish mash of a dream. Mish mash of a memory of a dream. Being in a garden, the plants… There’s a Hibiscus, a Brugmansia. Things with large flowers. Long grass. Place reminds me of a house we lived at in Krugersdorp. The house is empty. Feels like we are there with B’s mom and sister. […]

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Happily Ever After.

Dreams like that make me wonder. I got to thinking maybe it wasn’t B that I was trying to find. I wonder if I was in some sort of Bardo, a Bardo of spirits, and the effort to keep us separate involved keeping the spirits of those that are still alive, away from the spirits […]

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Inside Out.

Other stuff. Dreams have been insane. Some interesting correlations between the dreams I have had and the dreams B has had. There is this and that to say about it but nothing concrete to grasp just yet. It’s an area I’d like to see something more come out of. Whether it’s that or whether it’s […]

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