Sweet Sixteen.

Looked like a bit of a mess. Could have been the moment that defined many things, a revelation of an underlying theme. An Omen? An Insight? So we were over at T1 & R1’s place this weekend, Saturday evening, for a get together for their daughter; A1’s sixteenth birthday. She’s a sweet kid. She’d asked for a luminous theme, a glow in the dark thing. Part of that was having these glow sticks all over the place. So at some point people were breaking them open, pouring the luminous liquid that was on the inside of them out onto a cold dark floor. It was getting lit up with all sorts of splashes of red, blue and green. And throwing them into a fire they had going on, the remains of what had been a bonfire from a bit earlier. It looked fantastic. I guess. But. It also felt a little destructive. And a little disrespectful – like the unnecessary spilling of blood. Or something.

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