Stay with me on this. I think I might be on to something. I’m thinking the thing about hearing the voice, feeling the energy, encountering an entity of something outside of yourself, the degree of authenticity of it, the level of that experience feeling convincing; probably has a lot to do with how much you […]

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Outside In.

Got the phone. Does seem to make things easier. So now I have less of an excuse to delay getting words from here to there. From stuff on a page to stuff on a screen. There were things that carried on evolving, thoughts continued to think their way through. Stuff about stuff. It’s all sorts […]

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Connecting Dots.

A day or two later and I guess you could say the afterglow has faded a little. It occurs to me that on top of not everything being covered some of the stuff that was wasn’t covered completely correctly. I wonder a little at some of the things I said, I wonder at the authenticity […]

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