Idle Breeze.

Card for the day, Page of Pentacles, some of the description for this card; “This card could also indicate a time to pay attention to your body, the earth and nature. There could be a message in the physical world for you.” The family decided to have a get together at the house. It seemed […]

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Dinner Date.

“We’d decided recently to put an end to eating out for this and that reasons, maybe I’ll explore that idea a bit later.” When was it? 23 October perhaps, roughly two weeks ago. B and I had stepped out for a bite to eat. For a bit of background this is something that we are […]

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Friend or Foe.

Mom’s been dead over two weeks now. On Sunday we had a little get together at the Garden of Eden. The idea was to plant a tree for her, and to scatter her ashes there, with the tree. What was meant to be scatter her ashes turned into wanting to keep her ashes in a […]

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Thinly Stretched.

“Now that we are back things feel a little strained.” That was sort of a bit of an understatement. Things actually got very dramatic between B and I. Once again I’m guilty of being an asshole to my wife. The last week has been a blur, most of it spent either arguing with her or […]

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Remorse and Regret.

“The drama this time at least didn’t escalate until the only solution that remained was divorce”. “This time she’s made more of an effort to not let it get so dramatic”. Maybe it was a bit premature to expect things to end there. Maybe they did end there that time. Maybe anything that came up […]

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Hurt People Hurt.

On stuff that gets stirred up after brief encounters with this or that person. It hasn’t taken very long of having G@ around for things to get complicated. I’m not sure I’ve touched on how things get sometimes involving B and her feelings because of G@ being a little insensitive. Insensitive or whatever you would […]

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Seems I’ve hit an all time low. Is it a this time of year thing? I really hope so. I think it’s cyclical. I think there’s a pattern. When my happiness levels bottom out it usually coincides with the peak of winter. The weather is so perfectly antisocial right now. It’s not even playing by […]

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Stormy Weather.

Up to that point we hadn’t bumped into anyone else doing this walk. It’s one of the many amazing things about it – how you can be so isolated here and yet not feel like the isolation is a threat. It might very well be in many similar places elsewhere, especially in South Africa. On […]

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