Happily Ever After.

Dreams like that make me wonder. I got to thinking maybe it wasn’t B that I was trying to find. I wonder if I was in some sort of Bardo, a Bardo of spirits, and the effort to keep us separate involved keeping the spirits of those that are still alive, away from the spirits […]

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Overactive Imagination.

“Mostly I don’t feel anything”. Well. That’s not entirely accurate. Sometimes I don’t feel anything. Sometimes I feel relief that she’s not around anymore; going through what she was going through. It couldn’t have been nice for her to be going through that. It wasn’t nice going through not knowing how to help her get […]

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Outside In.

Got the phone. Does seem to make things easier. So now I have less of an excuse to delay getting words from here to there. From stuff on a page to stuff on a screen. There were things that carried on evolving, thoughts continued to think their way through. Stuff about stuff. It’s all sorts […]

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Strong Medicine.

How are things otherwise? What’s there to see if the bright spotlight of observation is turned completely around, what’s there to see if it shines on me? Where do things sit psychedelics wise, how are things going between B and me? Strangely enough the last time I tried to achieve anything going under the influence […]

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Last Supper.

So what was this one about? I think it started with me feeling bad about something. Maybe the D@ thing (see “21 Jump Street“). We’ve invited him and T@ to supper before he leaves, sort of a farewell thing. From our side an attempt at just trying to show a little grace in this whole […]

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