The Road.

It’s still a few days to go before mom goes to see a specialist. In the meantime she’s been to her normal doctor and he’s given her a script for (more) pain killers. The meds must be pretty strong considering how she’s looking; very frail. She has a ring-neck parrot, inherited from T!, one of […]

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Last Exit.

And then there was the dream. In it an ambulance was parked on the front lawn. It was dark, late at night and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I was desperate to find out and try to get from where I lay in a deep sleep to outside, go figure out what was […]

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Out of the Ashes.

Well. It led me back into the woods for a while back there. At that point all this stuff was going on in my head , a lot of this stuff that I wrote about in the last few pages. And in a way it makes a little sense putting it all down on paper […]

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