It’s a fantastic Sunday morning when PiE spends a bit of time in the garden. It feels like an amazing time to be alive, an awesome time of the year to be experiencing. It’s September and you can feel the death grip that winter had on the earth start to loosen. It’s rained a couple […]

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Tired Eyes Slowly Burning.

Card of the day, the nine of swords. Some of the description for this tarot card: “When this card shows up in a reading it is likely that you are being plagued by worry, anxiety and fear.” And. “This card advises us to start confronting our worries and fears. Start taking steps to solve your […]

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Paying Respect.

On that day, at that moment, for some reason. I think hearing T@ complain about T! and company got my guard down a little so I let her in on the fact that I wasn’t their no. 1 fan. I took it a step further though and launched into an assault on T!’s kids involving […]

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