Hunky Dory.

Putting some effort into getting a fresh batch of ‘shrooms left me with one jar that took forever to fully colonize. It hadn’t even colonized completely when a few ‘shrooms started growing inside the jar. I left it to its own devices not wanting to risk contaminating what was left of the cake by birthing […]

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Strong Medicine.

How are things otherwise? What’s there to see if the bright spotlight of observation is turned completely around, what’s there to see if it shines on me? Where do things sit psychedelics wise, how are things going between B and me? Strangely enough the last time I tried to achieve anything going under the influence […]

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Icky. So Icky.

The next words explain that idea a little bit. And it’s 2 days later already. My grip on the thread seems tenuous. It falters, waivers, hovers somewhere close to the brink, the flame of a lit candle about to get extinguished by a sudden gust of wind. As before I’m not sure of how much […]

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Literally Constipated.

There was so much ground to cover. And I didn’t cover it. So it’s all sort of lost now. Lost in the void of the last 6 months. Why? Is there a reason? It sort of got busy, at work. This and that. I’m not sure I have much juice anymore, no juice for writing. […]

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Full Circle.

There is another part to this. A couple actually. Hasn’t there already been a thing about involving a middleman when it comes to finding what we are seeking? Haven’t we already done that a couple of times as a species? Hasn’t that turned out a little sour, something that doesn’t really work all that well? […]

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Last Supper.

So what was this one about? I think it started with me feeling bad about something. Maybe the D@ thing (see “21 Jump Street“). We’ve invited him and T@ to supper before he leaves, sort of a farewell thing. From our side an attempt at just trying to show a little grace in this whole […]

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The Dead of Winter.

So is this what my family have all moved down here for? To watch me plummet into the depths of despair. To watch as my marriage is gasping for air. I’m pretty sure they came to escape their own little private versions of Hell, whatever they were. Somehow I managed to sell them all the […]

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