Part One; Sep ’15 to Nov ’15 (Spring).
24 entries of finding my feet. We go on a short holiday and I try liken the experience to a rite of passage, a descent of sorts into a type of underworld. The comparison is a sort of flop, but I guess does establish a theme.
During this part there’s a few dreams thrown into the mix, I decide a bit further down the line to separate the dreams out ~ create a separate menu for them going forward.
I touch on a few symbols, react with some enthusiasm to a book I read, express a few wordy opinions, get into a bit of history involving my psychedelic drug use and introduce my family.

Dec ’15 to May ’16.
I N T E R L U D E .

Part Two; Jun ’16 to Aug ’16 (Winter).
I get sucked into another time-consuming hobby over Summer and Autumn and before I know it, it’s six months later. I start this part off explaining we’ve reached a point where we start to use a psychedelic again, a teacher plant, magic mushrooms, although at sub-threshold levels (micro-dosing). As might be expected, we experience a bit of turbulence with re-entry…

Part Three; Aug ’16 to Oct ’16 (Spring).
Not typed out just yet.

Part Four; Apr ’17 to Jun ’17 (Autumn).
How my folks are doing now that they have retired and uprooted their lives, and how T! and R! are doing at the Garden of Eden. I have the biggest trip I’ve had in a very long while so I spend a lot of time covering that ground. We cover the time from when mom starts to feel really ill, gets diagnosed with (lung) cancer and then the beginning of the end of her journey.

Part Five; Jul ’17 to Oct ’17 (Winter).
Of course a lot of Part Five involves mom moving from someone who got diagnosed with cancer to the point that it actually gets around to killing her. A lot of people come into the picture to spend time with mom and them being around has an impact on my relationship with B. Another thing that is impacting on our relationship has to do with where we live so I spend some time exploring our options to change that. There are a couple of interesting dreams thrown into the mix.

Part Six; Oct ’17 to Dec ’17 (Spring).
Now that mom has passed away we find ourselves needing to deal with my step-father, which gets a bit complicated because he has different ideas to mom about where things stand involving the cottage we stay in that is attached to the house my parents own. Where mom was leaning towards trying to help us G@ leans towards trying to get us to help him. The difference in perspective creates a lot of tension so Part Six spends a lot of time getting into that.


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