Less Flattering Conclusions.

Uncle C got on a plane and disappeared into the great bright blue. He didn’t make much of an effort to say goodbye to us but then, we have been making ourselves scarce. Still, it does make me wonder about our relationship with him. Or where we fit in as far as he is concerned. […]

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I Promise.

News of mom’s condition did eventually make it to the ears of a few other people. The resistance in the first place to sharing that information, at least in part, had to do with how the people who heard the news would react. Especially the bit that involves them then making their way here in […]

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Is Life Revered?

Maybe it’s a bit tricky to understand the context all that came up during. Or. Maybe understanding the context makes all that make sense. So here’s the part the context gets unpacked, revealed. It gets given in a compact and no fuss form of a pill. Almost quite the same as Candarel. An innocent little […]

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Absolutely Nothing.

So by now the path has completely disappeared. It’s amazing how confident of itself it had been. An infinite pattern etched permanently into an uninhabited landscape. Maybe it was for a while back there. But over time and distance it gradually became overgrown. It merged into the surrounding scrub, until eventually it was all but […]

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Tired Eyes Slowly Burning.

Card of the day, the nine of swords. Some of the description for this tarot card: “When this card shows up in a reading it is likely that you are being plagued by worry, anxiety and fear.” And. “This card advises us to start confronting our worries and fears. Start taking steps to solve your […]

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Time and Space.

That idea didn’t seem like something that held very much water. At first. Some fancy idea about how some dude thought that this was his life, how everything felt so solid and so real. How according to him that this was going on, that that was going on. When in the meantime all that was […]

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