Icky. So Icky.

The next words explain that idea a little bit. And it’s 2 days later already. My grip on the thread seems tenuous. It falters, waivers, hovers somewhere close to the brink, the flame of a lit candle about to get extinguished by a sudden gust of wind. As before I’m not sure of how much of the history I’ve covered about this. I know there’s some, and I know there’s stuff I wanted to say, I’m not sure I ever said it. I guess the angle as it stands involves T! and R! and the place they bought (The Garden of Eden). A lot of what this next bit involves is whether they were thinking straight when they got the place. And once they got the place whether what they did with it made much sense.

So the situation in a nutshell is that they retired and took a lot of the money they had and bought this place. It didn’t really leave much left for them to survive on. I guess the idea was that they would try make enough money to survive on from the place, offer some rooms as a Bed and Breakfast, run a tea garden / bar / venue hire service. Our immediate reaction was to wonder at the wisdom of such an endeavor. Considering that neither of them had had much experience doing anything similar to that at any previous moment in time.

And also why to take such a large amount of money that they could survive on without having to work and buy such an expensive place instead? A place that would need them to put some pretty hard work into on an ongoing basis. Other things raised eyebrows. A big part of the appeal of going to (The Garden of Eden) involves the scenery, the nature. Someone had put a lot of love into that garden. It would need someone to carry on putting a lot of love into it without it starting to look neglected, abandoned.

These guys took shortcuts with it instead. Tried to maintain it on a budget. The place started to look tired and messy. When a troop of monkeys made an appearance that could have been used to their advantage. Instead they were chased away and made not welcome. (The Garden of Eden) had been used as a wedding function venue for years before they got there, and part of the plan was to try continue doing that. But advertising in a local wedding planning magazine was too much effort, any advertising at all was too much effort.

To put up a stall up at a local wedding function exhibition to provide an idea of what they could offer anyone just didn’t register on their radar. I’m not sure they held one wedding there in the past year. It’s been about a year now and they’ve decided to throw in the towel. They put the place on the market, sell it, and want to go live elsewhere. The story from before about needing something to keep themselves busy has become a story about how they have to work too hard for not much reward.

It’s really not pleasant to witness any of this. We feel bad for them. We feel bad for the people that got roped into the whole thing. The last time we went there was a couple of months ago. It’s just too painful, too uncomfortable to be around. Watching the whole thing UNRAVEL. Even at that point what T! had decided to do was move a few musicians they have playing there once in a while from an early evening slot to a lunch time slot. In the Stark Light of Day everything just felt too raw and to obvious. You know that feeling when a ship is sinking but people try to put their brave faces on.

For some reason at these functions which are meant to attract people well, no waiters exist and no food is available. There’s just a large bucket of ice water keeping the booze cool being sold at a plastic garden table. I’m not sure many of the people that were there were really interested in alcohol. Some folk had brought their kids, I just can’t imagine that there’s any way to put a spin on it that makes it make sense. I just can’t figure out why if they were going to try make something work at their place, try something to make their place work, that this is what they would do.

I guess there is no need really to get caught up so much in all of this. The drama seems to involve being able to see how much potential the place has. It almost seems impossible to make much of a mess of it. And yet here we are. A mess is made. The other drama is if this gets made a mess of what is their out? What is their Plan B? Most of the cash they got when they quit their jobs has gone into this property. What happens if they cannot sell it? The place was on the market forever before they bought it, anyone in the market to buy a place that costs that much is seriously spoilt for choice.

It’s such a text book situation, a classic set of Bad Decisions being made at a point so many people make mistakes. A whole industry of people out there with warnings and advice on what to do, how to do it, what to be careful of, what direction to try go in. These guys really should have taken a year off. Just rented a place and left their money alone. Took some time to think it through. Instead it’s turning into just another stupid story. Someone wins the lottery and not too long after that before they are back to having nothing.

As if the situation isn’t icky enough another stupid things they did. Put an Offer to Purchase in at another place that would eat up all their money. If they do you manage to sell (The Garden of Eden) then the Offer to Purchase they made becomes legally binding. The issue is if they get less than they expected to get for (The Garden of Eden) they are going to get into trouble financially not having enough for the new place plus living expenses. Icky. So Icky.


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