Full Circle.

There is another part to this. A couple actually. Hasn’t there already been a thing about involving a middleman when it comes to finding what we are seeking? Haven’t we already done that a couple of times as a species? Hasn’t that turned out a little sour, something that doesn’t really work all that well? And isn’t there the whole dis-empowerment thing? I mean; isn’t there a point at which we should be accepting responsibility? When it comes to this kind of stuff shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t this path be a road, isn’t something like this a lifelong commitment; a lifestyle?

@ sacred-texts.com; (“THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES by Manly P. Hall”);
“The Human Body in Symbolism

THE oldest, the most profound, the most universal of all symbols is the human body. The Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, and Hindus considered a philosophical analysis of man’s triune nature to be an indispensable part of ethical and religious training. The Mysteries of every nation taught that the laws, elements, and powers of the universe were epitomized in the human constitution; that everything which existed outside of man had its analogue within man. The universe, being immeasurable in its immensity and inconceivable in its profundity, was beyond mortal estimation. Even the gods themselves could comprehend but a part of the inaccessible glory which was their source. When temporarily permeated with divine enthusiasm, man may transcend for a brief moment the limitations of his own personality and behold in part that celestial effulgence in which all creation is bathed. But even in his periods of greatest illumination man is incapable of imprinting upon the substance of his rational soul a perfect image of the multiform expression of celestial activity.

Recognizing the futility of attempting to cope intellectually with that which transcends the comprehension of the rational faculties, the early philosophers turned their attention from the inconceivable Divinity to man himself, with in the narrow confines of whose nature they found manifested all the mysteries of the external spheres. As the natural outgrowth of this practice there was fabricated a secret theological system in which God was considered as the Grand Man and, conversely, man as the little god. Continuing this analogy, the universe was regarded as a man and, conversely, man as a miniature universe. The greater universe was termed the Macrocosm–the Great World or Body–and the Divine Life or spiritual entity controlling its functions was called the Macroprosophus. Man’s body, or the individual human universe, was termed the Microcosm, and the Divine Life or spiritual entity controlling its functions was called the Microprosophus. The pagan Mysteries were primarily concerned with instructing neophytes in the true relationship existing between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm–in other words, between God and man. Accordingly, the key to these analogies between the organs and functions of the Microcosmic man and those of the Macrocosmic Man constituted the most prized possession of the early initiates.”

No, seriously. Some stuff needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. A lot of stuff needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially a lot of stuff coming out of peoples mouths involving psychedelics. It seems to me we’ve come full circle on that. Whereas before people spewed out sh!t involving why you shouldn’t be touching the stuff you now have people spewing out sh!t involving why you should. Both perspectives. Both sh!t. What is starting to get a little annoying is there being as many suggestions out there as there are people when it comes to looking for advice or looking for answers. Everyone is an expert. I guess it’s a little like the truth. Somewhere in all the chaos and all the confusion, somewhere in all that static is a message.

The proverbial needle in a haystack.

I guess it’s my own fault that I mistook the finger for the moon. But these people whose finger it is are so busy pointing. They pointed with so much enthusiasm that it was hard to ignore. That’s what’s going on. Everyone is pointing a finger and it’s only their finger that is pointing apparently. They might not be saying it but that’s what it sounds like. Okay so you can see the moon, but what’s the big deal going on about pointing at it? Hmm… I’m not sure I’m on point here. Hah.

This was meant to be about what there is that counts. And it’s not in all the complicated stuff. It can be surprisingly easy, surprisingly obvious. Nope. Not sure that’s 100% on point either. Something to do with a current? An underlying current. The means of accessing it which changes depending on the environment. It’s about something that is there all the time, and about how it stays the same thing even when the surroundings warp and change. When the world changes, when you change. When the time and place change. When cultures change.

When the fingers that point change.

And in an attempt to reach a consensus involving what this is about, what is this about? I don’t know. Some kind of idea involving a step up. Stepping up from what? You know; that thing; stepping up from just being a normal person. To put in a bit of effort and become gifted somehow. Special. Distinct. Endowed with an ability. Or. To get healed. To be healed of whatever human malady that plagues you and me. Inflict you and me. Isn’t this the point of getting into psychedelics, into entheogens? Isn’t this the point of consulting with the Teacher Plants? Isn’t that the point in dabbling in magick, in shamanism.

In dabbling with the Tarot, Kabbalah, Meditation, Buddhism.

Excuse me while I try get my head wrapped up around this. While I come up empty. While I come up with a sneaking suspicion that it’s all just another game. Just another something to preoccupy myself with, another way to pass the time. That ultimately there isn’t all that much difference. That the level that you think you can make a difference at with this stuff, the level that you are aiming for to make any difference at, is just a little beyond your reach. Just a little beyond your league. At that level things have their own way of working and there’s very little anyone can do to change it.

The space I’m in right now involves screaming shenanigans at all the elaborate stories, all the incredible claims, at anyone that claims there’s a difference between… Between anyone that’s made any progress on any path and anyone that might have stepped on that path and gone in the completely opposite direction. You are initiated into the higher realms and commune with angels? Guess what I did this morning? I took a dump. Same thing. You manage to summon a daemon and make them carry out your bidding? I took a Bic lighter out of my pocket and lit a cigarette. What’s the difference?

From this perspective my life, your life, has been an ongoing sequence of miracles from the day we were born (miracle number one), and will be until the day we die (the final miracle). Every breath between birth and death is another miracle. Eating. Sleeping. Fncking. Sh!tting. Miracle upon miracle. To write a word, to laugh out loud, to delight at the sound of music or a good movie. Miracle miracle miracle. The only obstacle we have to overcome is being fooled into believing that this is not so. That there might be more. That mere life is not good enough and that there must be something wrong. And then to agree to pay someone something to fix it.

To fix me.


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