The Garden of Eden.

So, what now Mr Mushroom; do you still want something to do with it? Now that things are less warm and fuzzy, now that things are a little more complicated and messy. Are you still prepared to speak up and claim responsibility? “I think best you stick with what you think you know false prophet, prof_it_e. Best you stick to what you think you know something about.” Okay then. So. Moving on. I said before that I still need to spend some time getting into how things are going at the place my sister and her husband bought. I guess in this part I get a bit into that. It does feature quite a bit in the conversation between B and me. T1 and R1 have only just got the place (my sister and her husband), they are only at about the 3-month mark.

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Marcia Baldwin
@ Shock Therapy; (Jolinda Case); “Everything that is associated with war, therefore, can also be associated with the horse including victory, conquering, acquiring territory but also death, destruction, and power (for good or ill).

Romans would sacrifice a horse to Mars once a year while keeping its tail to reference fertility and rebirth.

The talk of war, death, destruction, rebirth, brings in talk of Pluto and Scorpio. Pluto, being the higher octave of mars embodies all of these characteristics. With the mutual reception of Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio, it becomes even easier to tie the horse to the Earth element while incorporating the first reference to Water through Scorpio.

The horse has been used on farms and in agriculture while being associated with the raising of cattle. You just were not a cowboy without a horse. This brings in further reference to Earth and Capricorn. It even incorporates the Moon/Cancer, as nurturing is definitely involved with any type of agriculture.”

So there isn’t really any point getting too excited about what they have or have not managed to do yet. Especially the not managed to do yet bit. And from how it feels to us what they probably never will do. Which is a great pity, the vision is so clear to us, the course of action is so obvious. Along with what we speak about that involves that part there is a great deal of speaking about what the problems could be that are interfering with them being able to work towards anything that resembles something like what we have in our heads.

Some of what we think it might involve is them just not being inclined towards what we are inclined to. A big part of what they do seem to be inclined towards involves trying to make money without having to spend any. I guess from their perspective they have spent more than enough, in getting what they have got already. It does involve a lot of money. It does make sense that this is something they do feel should be informing what they should or should not be doing. It’s just such a great pity, that you can get the feeling that they are skimping when you spend time there. At a place where you feel like that is what is happening I doubt most people would like to return.

I for one am feeling an avoid going there at all costs kind of feeling. What we think would have made more sense of them to do is to be prepared to put a bit more cash into the endeavor. Be prepared to work at a loss for a while and to focus instead on creating an experience that is going to make anyone that does go there feel like they should go back there again. Apart from this take on what is going on there another party involved the dynamics going on between the people that are trying to make something happen there, trying to make something work. And what we have been hearing is going on involving that.

Have you covered that ground yet? Said anything about this fantastic place your sister and her husband got? Did you mention that it’s like the Garden of Eden? That it came with some accommodation and a little restaurant? Yeah, I think I did. So at this point both my sisters are there, one of them (T1) with her husband (R1) and two kids, the other (T@) with her boyfriend (D@). They all sort of chip in where they can, and they’ve got some people around to help them. They have weekend specials, theme nights, they offer to host functions, birthdays.

They’ve managed to make a bit of cash so far but they also had to spend a lot of it. This place is a little out of the way, in an area full of large properties sort of half doing the farming thing, sort of half doing the residential area thing. As far as I can tell it’s a bit of a struggle getting any interest going, especially in cold weather. Because the overheads for the restaurant are quite large it seems to me the accommodation is where they can make most of their money from. But now with six of them needing to stay there a lot of the accommodation is already being used.

They do have an extra three rooms to spare, I think each of these can sleep about four people. There’s a lot of ideas being thrown around to try and get the clients in, but it seems a few limits exist, I mean, those ideas are okay as long as they don’t involve needing to spend any money. And actually, the ideas coming from R1, the husband, are getting dismissed almost straight away, even though most of this involves his money. The ideas of T@ (sister #2) only get tolerated to a certain extent, and in the end everything comes down to what T1 wants to do.

And she has some pretty strange ideas on how to make this thing work.

There was the idea involving to offer to stable other peoples horses, that idea doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere yet. They’ve got a horse of their own – one of their kids, the daughter, wanted a pony – and it seems to be getting neglected already as it is. She’s also got Mom running up and down every week making roast meat for the lunch they serve on Sundays. Mom has shown T1 how to prepare the meat but the hint doesn’t seem to have sunk in yet. I don’t know. There seems to be a lot of all sorts of corners being cut and I can only imagine it ending one way, a bad way. It’s such a sad thing to be watching. I’d love to see it start going the other way. Who knows, maybe it still will.

One day.


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