The World.

A dream; we are looking at a house with the most beautiful garden, lots of trees, very green. My mom points through a clearing and asks about a place next door that she can see through there. I take a look and get the impression from the buildings and the clothes that the people are wearing that it’s a chicken farm, one of those battery farming type ones. I’m there now except it isn’t what I thought it was, someone showing me around says they don’t understand why people still think it’s that as they’ve spent a lot of money, put a lot of energy into cleaning up its image.

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I get the impression they are being deceptive, realize the reason the plants all grow so well next door (at the house where we started off at) has to do with the waste products coming from this place (chicken shit ~ fertilizer). I have a vision of all the carcasses of birds that have been stripped of their flesh to make some kind of product that is hot in Europe. It’s some kind of paste in a tube. It’s made by submerging the birds in some kind of acid. The carcasses I see are not just of chickens. There is stuff about this process that I think if the people who go crazy for it knew they would not feel very comfortable about it.

I’m looking around a bit at a shop (what I think this place has apparently become but it feels fake, like a ‘front’) it sells toys and sweets. A lady is trying to convince me kids come in here ‘all the time’. I’m looking at masks and pumpkins and realize it is Halloween. I wonder where the kids are. I’m a kid that’s doing a school project now, I have what I need and am thanking the people at the shop and trying to leave, I can’t seem to figure out how to get out. I’m listening to a guy I think he’s German, telling me about some kind of interesting theory, I’m asking where I can get more information to try not to have to remember everything he’s telling me so i can look it up later. There’s a name of some guy gets mentioned and I’m looking at him on a youtube video; he is elderly with old man white hair and a beard.

I’m waiting around, waiting for the camera to get switched off, to leave (my school project was a video), I’m gesturing at the camera in a way that says for them to please go away; I want to sleep (it feels like where I’m at now is my bedroom). Then it feels like I am asleep in a bed that I am sharing with someone, I’m not sure who but it feels like it might be with B’s sister (B******). I get an impression involving how they had found her, something to do with her name being written down somewhere and a young girl spotting it. Turns out they were relatives or something. End of dream.

There was a thing of what Tarot card came to mind when all that thinking happened involving the Ouroboros; the snake that devours its tail (see ‘Ouroboros’). I really need to spend more time exploring the imagery of that, the myth, the symbolism. ‘Intuitively’ I’m thinking it to be similar to that of The World trump. There is a beginning and end of cycles thing and the head meets tail of snake is that, as is the placement of The World on the Tree of Life ~ it’s position is on the first (Path of Ascent ~ beginning) and the last path (Path of Descent ~ ending) between Malkuth and Yesod. The World itself is the first or last trump of the Tarot deck. The laurel wreath that encircles the image of The World looks similar to an Ouroboros.

World Tarot Card.
@ ATA; “In the material world, this card’s energy often manifests as a promotion to a higher position or an initiation to a new level of knowledge that was only dreamed of before. But this time of rejoicing and happiness, this peak of ecstasy, merely gives us a glimpse of the next mountain on the horizon. So once again you must step up ot the cliff and leap off, ready to start a new Fool’s journey and find what secrets lie in this new level of existence. The cycle of the Major Arcana begins where it ends and ends where it begins; start and finish are no longer the ends of straight line, but coincident points on the circumference of a circle that encapsulates your life. The present is now. The future is now. Eternity is now.”

The figure herself represents the opposite of The Fool, where he is an innocent and full of potential she has realized it completely. The World represents a pretty solid state of affairs, what you could gather from thinking of as worldly, stuff of the world, material stuff, not something that emphasizes anything celestial or esoteric really. Drawing parallels to my own situation I have spent some time feeling pretty grounded recently, and we’ve actively sought that out since all the excitement happened that we feel started this all off, around ten years ago. I’m not going to get into the detail of what I mean about that, it’s been covered a couple of times already, you can check it all out in ‘You Are what You Eat’, and in ‘In Tention’, and in ‘N****’.

In the meantime ‘briefly’ what I will say is after starting to work with the Teacher Plants things did start to happen that seemed to be too good to be true. At first we thought, hey, that’s pretty cool. Then at some point it was like man, this doesn’t feel very real anymore; it’s almost like being in a dream. I fleshed out what I mean about that in an entry called ‘The Word’. And eventually it starts to feel like you know what, enough of all this already, when do I start to come down off of this stuff? It does feel like even though the effects of the chemicals in the Teacher Plants are meant to last a certain amount of time, a day or two or whatever, that actually they stay in your system a whole lot longer. It’s not strictly speaking all about biology, I guess in a way you could say it’s sort of more about spirituality, something not necessarily tangible, not measurable, something sort of like psychology?

A lot of that last bit of feeling happened while we were in Cape Town. It felt like being there didn’t help us to come down all that much even though at that point the Teacher Plants had been put on the back-burner for a while already. It felt like you were under the influence in that place without actually having put anything in your body. When we left there to come to (here), something we noticed about being here is that it felt more solid than Cape Town. It felt more grounded. We thought it would help. After being here for a bit, about five years now, it feels like yes – it did help.

It helped to the point that it felt like all that stuff that went on was nothing to do with anything, people live, they have lives, life happens. Stories happen. There’s nothing remarkable about this story, in that every story is remarkable anyway. That maybe this story feels like it involves Teacher Plants but it could just as much involve being vegetarian, or drinking coffee, or something to do with Astrology. It even helped to the point it felt like you know what, being grounded, being solid is where it is all at, that getting involved with ‘that stuff’ is stupid, silly, not necessary, something only an idiot would, a fool. Fools. The Fool. I guess that was what some of the stuff was about that came out of my reaction to Joan’s book (see ‘Ayahuasca’).

Well in my head this is what The World Tarot trump card is; it’s solid, it’s grounded, it’s immersed in the physicality of day to day reality. Having that fight with B the other day seems to me to represent the peak of feeling grounded, being in a space that feels gritty, unforgiving, unkind, real, more real than real. It doesn’t seem to have much patience with sentimentality. It isn’t very impressed with clutching at straws trying to make something sound interesting, or special, or sound like synchronicity. There are other things that are going on right now that also seem strongly connected to what I think The World represents, what I think it is a symbol for.

I have a sister that came down here about a year ago, and now another sister is coming down as well. Her and her husband (T*** and R******) have had enough of the way they live and are cashing in and calling it quits. They do seem to have done quite well for themselves. What they have done is bought a property that they want the whole family to live at, or at least a property that the whole family is wanting to live at. What is an interesting development is this place could just be where the rest of the dreams that B and I have had that haven’t yet come true, come true. It’s a place that it feels like will make happen what we’ve always wanted to happen. And then some of the definition of The World is; “This is symbolic of all the stars coming into alignment on our behalf and all things coinciding for our ultimate reward.” (Tarot


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