Red, Blue and Green Dreams.

In the dream last / this morning I’m at a smallholding type place, and in touch with a guy that works there, a black guy. The place is in a bit of a mess and this guy is helping me get it in better shape. I have this image in my head of an enclosure being used to grow food which might be a little run over. He’s telling me he can do something better with it but I get the feeling it doesn’t belong to us / this property – it belongs to the neighbor. Reason I know what condition it’s in is because the enclosure is next to a fence that borders this property. He’s also telling me what he likes about me – that I don’t have any pretensions about being who I am (!), that I’m not shy to acknowledge there are jobs I cannot do – that I’m too lazy to do (!!) which of course isn’t true at all – I’d never admit to being like that even though I know it’s the truth.

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I mean, at least that’s not how I am now, maybe I will be. One day. He’s also telling me about some stuff he found in the grass while he was cleaning up, cutting it. One thing is a broken piece of blade, like maybe a piece of the end of a scythe. The second thing is a broken padlock. It was all there but the locking mechanism wasn’t working. I felt a little alarmed about these things being found in a sense then it was possible someone had attempted a break-in. I was thinking I need to go tell someone about this, someone in the house, my mother, and had an image of being in there, busy talking to someone, not sure who but maybe another woman I think.

The following night my dream starts in the parking lot of a shopping center, I’m with my mom and B. There’s something going on about the car and a black security guard / parking attendant and the car having a cracked windscreen. Also he is trying to direct us into another parking bay / area. I get the impression there’s an event going on, some kind of party maybe. The shopping center starts to feel more like a stadium. Something happens I realize I need to get somewhere with something. I’m going through some kind of checkpoint to get into a party, a party being thrown at an outdoor arena. There’s an idea of having brought something with me; a suitcase of sorts, and maybe it having to do with why I am here, that it’s the only reason why I am here. I’m worried about it being taken away from me at the checkpoint and it ending up in the wrong hands.


Dark Blue Pill.

I’m speaking to someone, he’s trying to give me some pills. I get the impression there are four pills, three pills of ecstasy and one of LSD. I’m looking at the ecstasy and notice the engravings on them, they are dark blue. I’m not sure what happens after that I get the idea the event turns into some kind of computer game. It feels very science fiction / futuristic / fantasy like. The event has been set up to welcome these things, in anticipation of the arrival of these things. As they arrive the idea is to intercept them , to decommission them. They look like flying aloe’s, the head of succulent spiky leaves and the stem wrapped up in old dead ones. I’m using a hammer type device to smash the stem trying to separate it from the head. If you do it right there’s an explosion of colorful energy bubbles. I think that’s what we are after.

A couple of nights later a more recent dream which seems simple enough on the surface of it. Basically we are at a holiday flat or something, some type of accommodation, maybe self-catering. Feels like we just got there, have just arrived and realize there are people already in it. We spend the dream trying to get a bed to sleep in. Each bed we try in each room is already occupied. The first time we try a bed (there’s a feeling like we were familiar with the place – knew which bed belonged to us / was ours, and was surprised to find to find it occupied when we try to settle in) there’s a woman already in it. I spend some time paying attention to the woman’s face as she is speaks to me. I can’t remember what but I do remember thinking it was important, or at least interesting.


Goldilocks Pic.

I’m surprised that the more attention I pay to her face the more unique it becomes, something about her lips, something about her hair. I realize she’s a redhead, has freckles and is very beautiful. A thought occurs to me now how the trying to find a bed thing has been covered before, at first I’m thinking in that story about the birth of Jesus – how the (hotel?) was full (all the beds were taken) and that’s why Mary ended up giving birth in a (stable?). But then more accurately I think in that fairy-tale – the one about (Goldilocks?) the girl at a house that belonged to these three bears. I think this redhead might have been Goldilocks.

We move from this room, this bed to another room, I think there might be people in here already as well. I’m not completely sure because the light is switched off, I’m fiddling around with the switch to try and get the light back on but it doesn’t seem to be working. The previous room had a large double bed in it, this room has several single beds in it. They seem to be empty until we try to settle down in one. I realize the bed next to us has two guys in it. One of them seems to be awake and looking at me. What I notice about this guy is his eyes, they are the most brilliant blue. The more I look at his eyes the more they seem to be like bright blue headlights. I’m asking if they are real, whether he hasn’t got contact lenses on perhaps.


Blue Eyes.

The guy next to him wakes up and turns around, and he has the same brilliant bright blue eyes. I’m asking if they are brothers and they agree they are. There’s a thing about asking if we can use the bed we are on, whether someone else intended to use it, but they say it’s fine we can go ahead. I feel B will stay there while I go check out the bathroom to make sure it doesn’t get taken while I’m away. I get to the bathroom but someone else is already using it. Things sort of get vague after that but it felt like I ended up in another room with a single bed in it instead of getting back to where I had come from where B is at. In the bed is a very old lady with pure white hair, she reminds me of that old lady in the Golden Girls, the one that is the mother of one of the other three old ladies. There’s a thing going on about sharing the pillow, or at least about making the pillow comfortable for her head (I’d gotten into the bed thinking that B was there?).

The last one for this entry involves being in a street, something like how Commissioner Street used to be in Johannesburg. When we first moved there in the early 90’s it used to be an okay place to be. Lots of shops that opened up to the street, quite a busy street traffic wise but pretty, lined with trees etc. There’s a group of us walking, feels like a group of undercover cops. I’m watching a cop show? I’m in a cop show? I’m a cop? I’m talking to the one that seems to be in charge. We are mobilizing for a bust, or a sting operation. I’m telling him there’s something else we can do before going ahead with the bust, that would make our case an even bigger blow than it’s going to be if we go ahead and do the bust now without doing that something. He seemed a little annoyed at the rest of the team for this not being figured out already beforehand.


Luminous Mantis.

Then I’m sitting with a couple of people on a bench of sorts, I’m not sure who it is but it feels like it might be with B and G*** – someone B used to work with. She starts to freak out when a large bug starts flying around us. I assume the role of cool calm and collected and the bug lands on me. A luminous green chameleon appears out of nowhere and lunges towards the bug, I make a point of keeping still despite it looking like the bite might include some of me. There’s a lot of detail involving the mouth of the chameleon and it’s tongue – all the same luminous glow in the dark green. The next thing is I’m trying to show B and G*** the chameleon except it isn’t a chameleon anymore, it’s a beautiful luminous green praying mantis, it sways in the most adorable praying mantis pose. I get a little excited at the scene and wake up. The alarm goes off.


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