Daydream / Fantasy.

Part of my self-indulgent outlook for this trip involved acquiring something sort of sacred, or at the very least something of spiritual significance. There was a place in Knysna that sells singing bowls, crystals and shamanic drums that I thought we could check out and find something at maybe, or at Funky Vibes in Hermanus. We never managed to get to those places but we did manage to make a turn at Papagayo in Knysna. We were meant to pick up some clothes from there or something, at least have a look around etc. There was this or that shirt, a jacket perhaps, and B looked at a bag, I looked at some hammocks but it was all rather a little much for our budget.

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We ended up getting some hats, sort of colorful crotchet beanie type things. I adore them. What I like is I don’t feel self conscious wearing mine – because I can’t see it on me – it’s on my head. I love that it’s from Nepal, or some other exotic sounding location immersed in a bunch of religious significance – at least in the romanticized version of it that’s in my head. I like that it feels a little symbolic of a religious type thing, that it makes me feel a little religious wearing it. It seems to me that a religious indicator involves an outfit usually, involves a headpiece usually. I’m thinking it’s possible this hat is the start of a new image for me, a new religious image for me. Maybe it’s the first piece of a few pieces involving what I wear, maybe by the time I get to the end of it a transformation will occur. An outward transformation that symbolizes an internal change; a change in an internal reality.

I’m not sure what else came out of it, this trip. Maybe I created too much of an expectation around this experience. Maybe I need to give some thought as to how to do this thing. Think about whether this thing can be done this way. Or maybe the complication involves a shortfall in perspective, maybe I’m not really seeing things right, looking for the obvious instead of looking for the intuitive. Maybe I just need to give it a couple more days before reflecting on it. At this point I’m feeling a bit put out; that this trip wasn’t really worth it. There is this and that to complain about, reasons to decide that we shouldn’t do this again, or do it again this way. Maybe I’m just feeling a little depressed about being back so soon. I try to remind myself a big part of doing the trip was to show my folks how easy it could be. Try to encourage them to do stuff like this by themselves.

At some point I do get an afterglow of sorts, and spend some time fantasizing…

It’s so real I can almost taste it. Involves living in the Garden Route, Sedgefield, opening a trendy coffee shop type place in Knysna; make stuff there to eat and drink kind of like the stuff we eat and drink now, probably no coffee though, decaf maybe, chicory? Yerbe Mate? Tea? Stuff that’s not on the menu normally. Blended drinks, health drinks, vegan food etc. The kind of place they ragged in that movie; Celeste & Jesse Forever. Sell stuff that’s for hippy types, like soap that you can use that’s ok to use if the water you are using is getting used to water plants afterwards etc.

Image of the place inspired by the Rastas, sort of like a weed shop. Maybe even get into selling medicinal weed there once things go here like they are going overseas, legalizing, decriminalizing. Play a mixture of dub / reggae / psychill on the soundsystem, if there’s a television screen put Rastafarian stuff on. Put some cheap stuff on the menu for people that want something cheap, pies etc. Put a lot of effort into the image / vibe of the place, spend some money on a decent looking menu. Spend some time effort energy on marketing, social media, try attract the backpacking / tourist / travelling crowd. Offer information on the Garden Route, maybe emphasize what’s not already being aimed at for the majority.

Cosmic Cafe. Cosmic Cafe.
Cosmic Cafe. Cosmic Cafe.
(Cosmic Cafe Dallas); (Pics @ yelp). & some dialogue from ‘Celeste & Jesse Forever’ @; (@ ‘VEGAN VITTLES’); “CELESTE: I’ll sign the fucking papers. I don’t have time for this. You’re ridiculous, this place is ridiculous. Fucking vegan kelp cashew bullshit. What the fuck is this place anyway. (she addresses the restaurant) Do any of you have jobs?? Anyone? What do you do? Wait, let me guess. You grow pot. Celeste looks at an innocent bespectacled patron. RESTAURANT GUY: Um, yeah. I do. CELESTE: Exactly. Get a real job.”

Get a musician in now and then, weekends, play some acoustic type stuff. Anyone that can put on a performance every now and then, occasionally. Try source ingredients for the food from locals, maybe even try growing some of our own ~ hydroponically? Research what meals you can make easily that are healthy / cheap, soaked sprouts for burgers that kind of thing (signature dish = a variety of different types of veg burger?) (call the place ‘the veggie burger’?). Make no alcohol a thing. Pita plus fillings ~ stir-fry? Homemade Hummus? Get some stuff from the farmers market, stock it.

Maybe set up a stall at the farmers market to advertise the shop? Set up a stall that sells food at some of the parties? Build a community outreach angle into it, maybe involving the Rastafarian’s, a soup kitchen / charity effort. Stock Nature’s Choice / health products, install a solar geyser, solar powered lights, gas stove, emphasize the whole off the grid thing, self-sustainability, eco-ethics, offer literature on the evils of modern life and on needing to return to the source (another possible name for the shop?), stock permaculture literature, permaculture friendly products, grey-water detergents…


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