Complicated and Confusing.

Very bloody dream. Something to do with some drama involving David Duchovney’s wife in Californication. She’d been stabbed repeatedly by Carlos from Desperate Housewives. In the dream I had insight as to why and how that had happened. Also, how he made it look like someone else had done it. There was a thing going on about how to encrypt messages into pizza. There was also a part involving Uncle D and how he’d crashed the Uno; one of the cars my parents have. He was still alive in the car but not by very much. In the dream I had insight as to how that might have happened etc. It was a really incredibly violent crash, the car had been driven down a very steep hill and at the end of it been launched from an embankment of sorts. It almost looked like it had been done on purpose.

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We had found out about it and were at the scene waiting for the authorities to do their thing. I think my mom asked me if I wanted to speak to him but I didn’t. We all knew he wasn’t going to make it. Another part involved my mother becoming a biker. She was telling us about a biker friend she had made and laughed and laughed because of the haircut she had. Also told us a story about how at some point she had been very ill and unable to put her own false teeth in. She had overwhelmed by the support of her big guy biker friends who had helped her with her teeth.

It’s starting to feel a bit better. We spent the whole day on the road again yesterday. We were heading back to George from Dana Bay / Mossel Bay when it seemed to start getting weird with my step-father ~ G*****. He didn’t seem very happy we were heading back in a direction that we had come from. It seems to be all about reaching the destination for him, and the cost of petrol money. Money is a strong feature of this experience, we hardly have any, and it’s becoming a big point of friction between B and me. Like I said to her yesterday it’s weird how when you have the conversation everyone gets all excited and happy and enthusiastic but then in reality, when it comes right down to actually doing it suddenly it gets all sorts of complicated and confusing.

I made a mental note that I’ve got to stop letting those conversations put me in a space where I feel like I have to put it together and drag everyone around trying to make them do what they always say they would like to do. Even make that part of my contribution to the conversation – point out that as warm and fuzzy as it is how they remember it, that for someone like me all the experience becomes is a big fat pain in the ass and a great source of guilt…

Anyway, that was yesterday. So instead of continue on towards George where I thought we could get a feel for the town and stop for breakfast I turned off on another road that I thought should take us towards where we were headed ultimately – Route 62. Route 62 is meant to be another option to get from the Garden Route to Cape Town / Hermanus etc. It’s also quite a bit longer so again; eventually a source of conflict between G***** and I. I can’t remember the name of this damn place we turned off towards, Hartenbos I think, but soon enough into it we got to a shopping complex that had a Wimpy so I pulled into there so that we could get a bite to eat.

I thought I could have a look at the map book as well to make sure we were going the right way. Good thing G***** was getting edgy; turns out we were headed in the wrong direction completely. I think the whole point of this paragraph involved pointing out that things started to feel better. Once we eventually got to Route 62 via (Riversdale?) and reached Montagu things got a lot better. Montagu is amazing.

We are staying where the hot springs are at and it’s really beautiful. We spent the day in Hermanus and that went down quite well too, but we didn’t make a turn at Funky Vibes which we had hoped to do. No I’m not sure why I’m covering this. I can point out they’ve done a good job fixing Hermanus up. From what I can remember visiting it a couple of years ago it was in quite a mess, maybe because they were doing a lot of fixing up – construction work. Part of the deal involving not going to Funky Vibes is that everything we could have hoped for to get from anywhere we have already got in the hats we picked up from Papagayo.


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