On the Road Again.

The dream started off with being in a platoon doing formation. You know how the sergeant gets that you just can’t do the maneuver right / next thing you know it’s an opfok to punish you for not doing it right. One of the guys couldn’t take it anymore so he left, went to join another platoon that was not permanent force. He created a bit of drama. Once the PF got back from drills the ranks went to check out this bungalow of the not PF guys, the guy that had left had turned informant and some corrupt ranks were being inspected. There was a thing going on about being able to get into a particular bungalow, the ranks inside weren’t opening it up etc. But we managed to get in in the end. I got the impression this guy that left and turned informant reminded me of a guy I knew in school – Michael. I can’t remember the detail of another dream except that a part of it involved another friends (A***) mother (B****). We were trying to speak to her but I think she had gotten past the point of being able to understand what was going on around her.

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The next dream happens on the morning of the first day after we left on our little road trip. It starts off that that was quite amazing, a dream I just spent the last five minutes dreaming. Was kind of like watching a movie, but being in it. Watching it from the inside. Started out with it being about a couple, lovers, there was a bit of that whole thing going on, how it gets between a man and a woman, all his hopes, all her fears. He’s trying to make life work, work ends up making life. She’s wondering if he’s the one, whether she’s good enough for him. In this case I don’t think they got married, but they did have a child, a very special one, a girl. They both loved this child very very much. Then it didn’t matter how they felt about each other anymore, everything was about it.

This dream sort of covered that territory, the dynamics of their relationship, the woman having a child, giving birth, the child being born, the child growing up, it was magic. There were parts involving the child, I mean as a toddler, special moments, the kind of things that kids do, it was so wonderful. We were out and about, and got to this restaurant. For some reason we ended up sitting with them at a table. They were already there, they felt like strangers. Having a meal with strangers, felt a little weird, awkward. We get to talking about their child, I think they were saying how she goes to gym with them, like from as soon as she could walk basically. We thought that that was cool. I wasn’t hearing words when they described this, I was seeing her in a gym outfit going to the gym with her father.

For some reason I was telling them about how I write, as if it was some kind of worthwhile thing to mention, something worth bringing up in a conversation. I think there might have been a bit of confusion on my part, maybe I wrote something else, wrote for a living, but thought that this kind of writing is what was happening because explaining how I felt about it, ended up with me calling it junk writing. I wish I could explain how vivid this all was, and use all the right words, and remember all the right things, weird how different it looks on paper compared to how it looked in my head. Thinking about it now it was like we were those people. Like that was our child.

Having these kinds of experiences make me wonder how much we know about how things work, do we know really, do we really know? If we did know wouldn’t it be too amazing?

So we got on the road yesterday, spent pretty much the whole day getting here, halfway. We spent the night in Dana Bay. One impression so far about this trip is that doing it was quite a big mistake. I’m asking myself what was I thinking? Mom seems to be pretty sick still, has been on the antibiotics for the last few days. Spending the night in the same accommodation and hearing her cough so much. So much coughing. And it turns out more cold weather is on the way. At this point I’m wondering if we should just go back home. The only highlight so far is we ended up getting some cute beanies from Papagayo when we stopped in Knysna on the way here.


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