Three dreams about water. How the last one ended was pretty weird. It starts with us being on the beach. A degree of lucidity registers for me when B and I come across another two people. It’s a guy and a girl. She asks if we’ve seen her two friends? I’m looking around expecting to […]

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Bad Blood.

The card for yesterday was Death. The message that comes from the Tarot reads “Something new wants to emerge in your life, but for that to happen you first must release that which has run it’s course. Today take time to seek closure – say goodbye to a relationship, habit, or attitude that no longer […]

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‘The Poison Of Dreaming.’

Is there anything still there? This one has legs, is running away from me like I smell bad. It’s very wispy, maybe I can salvage a little bit of it… The part I remember first is the last part. I’m walking away from someone; she’s been teaching a class, she said something about herself that […]

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Part Six.

Part Six; Oct ’17 to Dec ’17 (Spring). Now that mom has passed away we find ourselves needing to deal with my step-father, which gets a bit complicated because he has different ideas to mom about where things stand involving the cottage we stay in that is attached to the house my parents own. Where […]

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Plant People.

Mish mash of a dream. Mish mash of a memory of a dream. Being in a garden, the plants… There’s a Hibiscus, a Brugmansia. Things with large flowers. Long grass. Place reminds me of a house we lived at in Krugersdorp. The house is empty. Feels like we are there with B’s mom and sister. […]

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Happily Ever After.

Dreams like that make me wonder. I got to thinking maybe it wasn’t B that I was trying to find. I wonder if I was in some sort of Bardo, a Bardo of spirits, and the effort to keep us separate involved keeping the spirits of those that are still alive, away from the spirits […]

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Wake Up.

Are you awake? It’s a whisper at first. I don’t want to wake her. Are you awake? Louder now. Urgent. Huh? She’s groggy but lucid enough. I’m relieved. I need to go to the office and write down a dream. A good one? Her voice dreamy. No… It was horrible. But I have to write […]

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Stay Still.

Last Saturday, four days ago, T@ and G@ left to go live at the Garden of Eden. It was an uneventful experience. We left early to walk B333 on the beach, by the time we got back them and their stuff was not here anymore. Over the last few days I guess some things are […]

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“I was telling G@ we’d be around later to cook supper.” Well. The plan on that occasion was for us to have a little final get together with T@ and G@ before they left. Maybe even get to clear the air a little. They had started to pack their stuff up but it did still […]

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Idle Breeze.

Card for the day, Page of Pentacles, some of the description for this card; “This card could also indicate a time to pay attention to your body, the earth and nature. There could be a message in the physical world for you.” The family decided to have a get together at the house. It seemed […]

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